Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Exterior is Complete

Sorry for the slow update to the blog.  We wanted to share the first week in December's most recent pictures of the outside of the building.  The signage was installed on 11/24 and everything was cleaned up such that the outside of the building has been completed.  Progress is very slow on the tile inside and the next pictures will show the new inside offices, showroom, bathrooms, delivery area and drive up service.  As of this date, January 31st, things are just in the final stages of completion.  Hope to have the update soon for you.  Come see the new dealership in person.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where is the Chevrolet Chevrolet Archway?

It is mid-November, and the outside siding has been completed!  We hope to have the new Chevrolet Archway done before the snow starts flying, but we will have to wait another week.  Progress continues on the showroom, slowly but surely.  The old floor doesn't want to come out easy, and so they grind and grind on the floor to get it smooth.  That sends lots of dust in the air, but we are working through it.  It is really all starting to come together.  Still on pace for mid December, could be around Christmas when everything is completed.

First Week of November Progress Slows

The showroom demolition has been completed, and construction begins on the new showroom.  Progress is slow, but things are starting to take shape.  Won't be long and Sales will be back in their new offices.  Outside is about the same.  Just putting the finishing touches on the siding.  Hoping for a mid December completion.

Sales Finds a New Home

Sorry for the long time between updates, but lots of pics to share with you from the Middle of October to Late October.  The new drive up service bay and delivery area have been completed, and it is time to move the sales department and offices over to this area while demolition is started and completed in the showroom, sales offices and business offices.  The siding has started to be applied to the outside, and things are really starting to take shape outside.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Improvement Every Day

It is mid September and the windows are in.  The new doors are in.  The mudding and taping has started in the New Service Write Up and New Vehicle Delivery area.  Terry's new office is wired and now inclosed in sheet rock.  The garage doors are in the process of being installed.  We are bing told that we will have the Chevrolet Image Exterior the first week of October.  Chances are good that that will be when construction will begin on the new showroom and sales offices.  Look for the next update at the end of the month! 

Now this is Progresss!

Early September brought us a sight that is welcoming.  The heavy equipment is gone now, and the inside work begins.  The cement is poured on the new Service Write Up and Delivery area, and the walls have been roughed in.  The outside of the dealership is ready for all the new windows and the Chevrolet Image Exterior to be installed.  All that needs to happen now is install a couple large garage doors and some windows, and we be moving out of our offices soon.  We have been blessed with great weather and a fast crew and we are running a head of schedule....knock on wood.

We Now Have Real Structure

The last part of August and first week of September brought some visual proof of real progress.  It is starting to look like a real building.  We need to finish the outside of the structure and will then take down the old roof from the inside once the building is entirely constructed.  The sales and office staff will then move out to the new Service Write Up and New Vehicle Delivery Area on the east side of the building.  This is the brand new construction that is on the far right hand side as you look at the front of the building.  Things are starting to take shape.!